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Movement. Breath. Bold self-expression.

Movement That Feels (and Looks) Good. Salt society is the space where we come together to heal, to fuel, to move, and to connect. Some days, yoga turns into work and dinner with friends. Walks on the beach turn into meetings over brunch. Sometimes it feels like the only thing we have control over is how we show up to each moment, which comes down to how comfortable we allow ourselves to be through the ups and the downs. Salt Society designs luxury athleisure that you can take on and off the mat. It’s streetwear for yogis and yoga clothing for the everyday lifestyle.

Bringing Balance and Style to Every Moment.

When it comes to feeling good in our own skin, it all starts with what we dress our skin in. We use innovative fabric technology that enhances mobility, so that you can tune into your body and melt into the present moment. Salt Society is luxury yoga clothing and swimwear for bold movement. Our fabrics are designed with a breathable 4-way stretch that feels like a second skin, so that you can sweat, lounge, and meditate comfortably. Each seamless and versatile piece is designed with on-trend colors and styles so that you never have to choose between serving looks and feeling like a ten.

Fabrics That Move to Your Beat.

In a world where we are constantly told what to wear and how to dress, we believe that the most important thing is to come together and share our magic. Salt Society provides the tools for you to express yourself with confidence and ease. Our streetwear pieces give you the space you need to breathe—whether that’s a silent moment beneath a palm tree or a swim in the ocean between meetings—and come back to yourself.

Feeling Good, Like You Should.

We know that you don’t need a new top or yoga shorts to be your best self. Yet, feeling good about how we show up in the world makes tapping into our inner ocean feel that much more effortless. Our passion for movement goes far beyond quality fabrics and luxury athleisure. At Salt Society, our mission is to build a community that encourages exploration, embraces life, and supports the next generation of women—wherever their journeys may take them.   With versatile fabrics and looks, Salt Society makes sure you’re feeling yourself every step of the way!



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